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Black Galaxy Granite

This granite is one of the world's most popular granite choices. It is estimated that in excess of one million cubic meters of the granite has been quarried since extraction started. The technical geological name for this granite is Gabbric Anorthosite. The material has a hardness of around 4.5 on the Moh's scale which can be termed as moderately hard.

Black Galaxy is from near Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India. The original Galaxy material introduced in the early 1980's, with the densest black background and bright reflectors, is known as Star Galaxy. The gold specks are due to the presence of ferrous rich Enstatine (Bronzite). It can be broadly divided into three types based on the size of the gold coloured specks as Large specked Black Galaxy, Medium specked Black Galaxy and Small specked Black Galaxy . Like all natural stones Black Galaxy can and does vary in appearance and physical structure with natural veins a common feature within the material.


Black Pearl Granite

This is known to be one of the strongest, most durable, and most beautiful natural building materials used throughout history.. Indian Black Pearl Granite is actually a syenite, a coarse-grained intrusive igneous rock of the same general composition as granite but with the quartz either absent or present in relatively small amounts (<5%). The feldspar component of syenite is predominantly alkaline in character (usually orthoclase). Plagioclase feldspars may be present in small quantities, less than 10%.)

Black Pearl is one of the most popular granites not entirely due to its cost effectiveness but also to its versatility and dark, elegant appearance. Although its base colour is black, many other subtle colours can be seen within the granite that set it apart from other traditional black stones. Within its dark background, Black Pearl holds traces of silver, blue, green and grey. This means that it compliments most colour schemes and styles, both contemporary and traditional, and goes particularly well with metallic and block colours.


Brown Granite

This granite comes from India and is very popular in the United States. It is because the colors that are in it are very contemporary and have a rich look to it. Another pleasing factor is that the shade of browns and tans that are in it pretty much can go with any other colors that you plan on using in your home.Since granite is a natural stone there are many different color variations. One good thing is that granite is very versitile, You can used it in your kitchen, bathroom, all through out your house on the floors, You can even use granite tile outside on your porch and patio.


Black Granite

Another absolute Black granite from India is khammam black. One of the unique features of our Khammam Black Granite is its hardness and durability .It is a solid, vivid rock with blasted texture. It serves construction purppooses, flooring, counter tops, bathroom sinks, etc.



Steel Grey

We offer steel gray granites that have light black background with grey inclusions. These inclusion look like bunches of small flowers scattered around. The granite has good composite strength and is very much ideal for sturdy constructions. Our capability enables us to meet bulk orders of steel grey granite exports, with ease.



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